how fake passports are caught

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how fake passports are caught

Post by goodmanndocs » Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:40 am

When you start to look like your passport photograph, the saying goes, it’s probably time to come home.
But at Moscow airport on Wednesday evening I was trying my best to match the sleep-deprived grump depicted on page two (and, in lower resolution, page three) of my travel document.

At that very moment, Britain’s governing party was tearing itself and the country apart over Brexit. The issue is deeply rooted in immigration and identity, which happened right then to be my concerns too.

The passport official at the Russian capital’s Domededovo airport scrutinised my face as though checking for defects on a cauliflower in a greengrocery. She squinted at the picture then looked back at me. When eventually she was satisfied with the resemblance, I imagined the passport would be handed back, perhaps with the added bonus of a smile. But the official kept hold of the document.

By now she had lost interest in my face. Yet I was intrigued by hers, as she peered through a high-powered magnifying glass at the key pages of the passport. With a brightly polished thumbnail, she then picked at the clear plastic veneer covering the picture and my personal details. (It stayed intact.)
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