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Post by oftentired » Wed Feb 16, 2005 11:14 pm

4.04.003 has been formally released and is no longer beta

To Download Previous Versions of Slimbrowser visit the What's New webpage.
• Add option to lock homepage to a preset web address (Tools:Options:Misc)
• Add option to enable in-page ad-filter for all sites automatically (Tools:Options:In-Page Ad-Filter)
• Add support for open links inside MSN messenger within SlimBrowser
• Add support for alias in the dialog brought up by selecting "file->open"
• Add option whether to check default browser at startup (Tools:Options:Program)
• Add support to install a skin directly from web

• Bug fix: download file after SlimBrowser is closed
• Bug fix: wrong icon shown on system button when skin is enabled
For additional information regarding Features recently added please refer to the What's New webpage

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