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Sanford madams toy sex slave adult toy and video eugene

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Your most secret sexual thoughts
Do not just think about you during sex, and that's something you should accept. It's not that I remember another person, it's more complex ...
The most ardent passion is able to put your mind in white. It's understandable - and it's a compliment for the girls. But sex is different for us. When we throw the clothes our minds become overloaded. Do you want evidence? Take a look at this page, it's a list of the most frequent secret thoughts that a thousand Women's Health readers have during intercourse.
This is your mission: read your mind. Do not push yourself - it is only your sexual life that is at stake. Scientists have discovered that, in order to achieve orgasms, women must turn off the parts of their brain linked to fear and anxiety. So, if you know everything in your head, you can react and cause a seismic climax. Our survey is a good starting point.
"It worries me that I think I'm bad in bed and that it results in a terrible start for the relationship."
Megan, 19 years old
About 57% of the respondents confessed to worrying about the way you enjoy sex - or if you enjoy it, to be more precise. Consider this as a license to be more effusive. "Be specific about what you like most," recommends Lou Paget, author of How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure. The more you describe something that she does and satisfies you, the more convincing you will sound.
"I wish he would hurry up and finish quickly."
Laura, 22 years old
Surprise: sex should last (ideally) between 3 and 13 minutes, according to the results of a survey conducted by American therapists. Learn to read your breathing and body language. Are there no peaks or low areas? Maybe he's tired.
"Fuck, did I shave my legs?"
Carla, 26 years old
More than half of the women said they had thought about their body hair practically every time they had sex. Play it as if you did not care-or make it feel bad and that will turn the moment into a frustrating experience for both, says Joy Davidson, creator of the internet series The Joy Spot. Add more sensuality to make compliments on a part of her body with which she feels comfortable.
"While I'm making love, I think a lot about a trio, but I never want to have one."
Alexis, 28 years old
Many women add fuel to the fire with crazy fantasies, because they are exciting and do not threaten the relationship. Take a flight Whispers fantasy scenarios during the act (with her as the protagonist). Tell him how you would like to give him oral sex in public or tell him about his participation in a trio man-woman-man where you are both lovers. "Be the wild guy, then change to be the sensitive man who leans on her and kisses her," says Lou Paget.
"Sometimes I think of all the clothes I have to wash once we finish."
Jennifer, 22 years old
It's a real clichГ©. More than one in four girls have thought about homework while on the mattress, and 20% thought about work tasks. "It's the way my mind operates," cautions EstefanГ­a, 27. Return it to reality. The most successful suggestion in our survey: turn passion on - and let her feel it. "They get bored when sex becomes routine. You must do something about it. Change positions and places, be assertive, "adds Davidson. Hold it more firmly, run your legs with your nails, imprison her wrists as you penetrate her (if she has no problem). The little details will change everything. Should we wash something?
"Sometimes I compare it with my ex. I can not help it! "
Jimena, 28 years old
Yes, they think of other men when they are in bed. Sometimes they fantasize about them. Auch! But that causes them conflict.
Aduade yourself of their attention. Ask him, "What would you like me to ask you?" "That will create the feeling of being in control," says Fulbright. And, besides, it will be you who will give him what he wants.
"In my fantasies I get rid of inhibitions, I take control and I use toys."
Jen, 37 years old
They are usually too shy to act. More than a third of the respondents admitted to thinking about dirty things that distress them while having sex. One in four imagines a position that you are afraid to request.
"Often their reluctance to speak is a product of inhibition, such as worrying about how they look or what their genitals taste like," comments Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Sultry Sex to Seduce Any Lover. To begin, describe the senses: how good it smells, how amazing it looks or feels to touch. If he says something, answer. If you imply something, do it. The more you demonstrate your delivery - and the guidance - the more comfortable you will feel.

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