SlimBrowser 6.0 Detailed Change Log

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SlimBrowser 6.0 Detailed Change Log

Post by flashpeak » Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:34 pm

Build 081:
1. Bug fix: Adding some websites to the tabs page will mess up the quick-dial buttons.

Build 080:
1. Bug fix: Selecting "open all favorites" doesn't open all the sites within a favorites folder.
2. Bug fix: On Windows XP, the "Open Folder" button in IE download dialog incorrectly replaces the current tab inside SlimBrowser. Now it opens externally in a windows explorer window.
3. Language file updates.

Build 079:
1. Added option to start a new rendering process upon closing all tabs. This option is enabled by default and will release all the memory used by the previous rendering process when the last tab is closed. However, the session information is still preserved.
2. Bug fix: ftp folder browsing under Windows XP
3. Bug fix: gmail attachment file detection with the download manager.

Build 078:
1. Bug fix: Fixed resource leak inside the rendering process.

Build 077:
1. Bug fix: Crash when opening some sites which requires http authentication information.
2. Bug fix: fix erratic behavior when attempting to change homepage.

Build 074:
1. Add option to turn off GPU Rendering in options:advanced
2. Bug fix: in-page translation stopped working.
3. Fixed a conflict between Roboform and SlimBrowser. When Roboform taskbar icon is enabled, SlimBrowser couldn't exit properly.

Build 072:
1. Fix crash when showing favorites side bar (bug was introduced in build 071)
2. File->Save Screenshot now saves the entire web page instead of only the visible portion.

Build 071:
1. Bug fix: weather information display on status bar.
2. Bug fix: Ctrl+S to save webpage not working.

Build 070:
1. Added support of web form spell checking in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.
2. Bug fix: installing some skin will cause SlimBrowser to freeze.

Build 069:
1. Bug fix: clean cached files removed cookies as well by mistake (this bug was introduced in Build 067)

Build 068
1. Bug fix: quick-dial site settings were overwritten during installing update when app setting is stored inside the program folder.

Build 067:
1. Fixed compatibility issue with Google+
2. Bug fix: The "Clean Trace by Domain" menu failed to clean some cookies properly.
3. Bug fix: Popup windows are not sized properly by javascript sometimes.

Build 066:
1. Bug fix: search engine icon is not displayed properly sometimes in the quick dial page.
2. Language file updates.

Build 065:
1. Bug fix: Help button of some of the options page not working.
2. Links bar is now hidden in compact mode.
3. Bug fix: Built-in toolbar not showing image background when initially made visible. (Note: Xml toolbars now renamed as built-in toolbars).
4. Bug fix: Multiple-row tab background not drawn properly sometimes.

Build 064:
1. Bug fix: can't launch slimbrowser from installer.
2. Bug fix: can't access some of the menu items overlapping the menu bar when the menu is too long.

Build 063:
1. Updated default toolbar background image.

Build 062
1. Bug fix: Escape key not able to stop navigation when focus is inside the site.
2. Bug fix: Address icon not updating properly sometimes.
3. Bug fix: Ctrl+N opens Internet Explorer if focus is inside the webpage.
4. Bug fix: "Open members inside a group" opens blank pages between the pages selected.
5. Added option to change default rendeirng mode.
6. Bug fix: when restore last open sites option is on, clicking on an external link to open SlimBrowser won't open the target site.
7. Bug fix: some icons on the links bar not displayed correctly.

Build 061
1. Bug Fix: full screen banner display issue in multi-monitor setup.

Build 060
1. Added an auto-hide banner in full screen mode. Move the mouse to the upper edge of the screen to access the banner in full screen mode.
2. Added "Paste & Go" into the context menu of the address box.

Build 059
1. Bug fix: If the user closes the browser directly in full screen mode, SlimBrowser will lose all toolbars in the next session.
2. Add option to not to submit form automatically when creating autologin file.

Build 058
1. Improved startup speed when skin is used.
2. Bug fix: autorefresh not working if web pages popup message box.
3. Bug fix: fixed crash with some pages using activex controls.

Build 057:
1. Bug fix: Fixed possible crash in "Ad Blocker" options page.
2. Added support to display customized icon on links bar or favorites menu.
3. Bug fix: Special browser navigation keys not functioning when the focus is inside the site window.
4. Updated Google dictionary web link available from in-page popup menu.

Build 056:
1. Bug fix: download some text files with download manager will crash in Windows 7.
2. Bug fix: font size menu not updated properly.

Build 055:
1. Bug fix: share selected text on facebook.
2. Add option to add additionaly delay into autologin entry.

Build 053:
1.Language file update.

Build 051:
1. Added option to open autologin in separate session.
2. Bug fix: some special case sbrender.exe crash when closing a tab.
3. Bug fix: download manager file name detection.

Build 050:
1. Bug fix: process model settings not saved.

Build 048:
1. Bug fix: cookie sharing with
2. Bug fix: compatibility view list editor won't show sites assigned to highest mode.
3. Bug fix: ctrl+N and ctrl+F behave incorrectly when focus is inside the web page.
4. Added option to clear icon cache in tools:privacy menu.

Build 047
1. Bug fix: can't scroll page with mouse wheel after openning a new tab.

Build 046:
1. Bug fix: web page icon not updated on tab and address bar.

Build 045:
1. Fixed missing keystroke issue.

Build 044:
1. Fixed issue of using ctrl+tab to switch between tabs.

Build 042:
1. Fixed gmail shortcut key conflict issue (ctrl+B for bold)
2. Fixed another bug case about openning links from flash object.
3. Fixed Google Plus compatibility issues with IE9 installed.

Build 041:
1. Bug fix: http and proxy authentication information sharing across the tabs.
2. Updated Microsoft compatibility view list. ( flash issue resolved).
3. Bug fix: tab bar style not saved.
4. New feature: you can search for single word directly from address bar by adding a "/" symbol at the beginning of it. For example, type "/browser" and press enter will search for browser in the default search engine instead of going to

Build 040:
1. Bug fix: fixed alias issue introduced in build 039.

Build 039
1. Bug fix: run javascript from address bar
2. Bug fix: cookie sharing issue in IE7.
3. Bug fix: can't hide browser with hotkey when the focus is inside the web page.

Build 037-038
1. Bug fix: session sharing across tabs in IE6
2. Bug fix: block opening sites when browser is locked.

Build 036
1. Bug fix: allow user to set home page from the "set as home page" links inside a web page.

Build 035
1. Added option to show/hide go button on the address bar.
2. Bug fix: couldn't switch IME when typing inside a web page by pressing alt+shift.
3. Bug fix: set focus to address bar automatically when creating a new tab.

Earlier builds:

1. Adopted new multiple process architecture. Each tab is hosted in a separate process for improved application stability and security.
2. When one tab crashes, you will have the chance to restore this same tab to the original URL. The other tabs will not be affected.
3. By default, all tabs share the same session. However, you can open a separate session by selecting File->New->Separate Session. This will allow to you login multiple web accounts at the same time.
4. You can dynamically switch rendering mode without restarting the browser. Use Tools:Compatibility Setting menu to specify the rendering mode for the current page.
5. Favorite site icon is now shown in the address bar instead of default web page icon.
6. SlimBrowser now has independent home setting from Internet Explorer. Please set SlimBrowser homepage in Tools:options:homepage.
7. A quick-dial page will be shown by default when creating a new tab. This option can be changed in Tools:options:new tab which provides three choices: tabs page, home page and blank page.
8. Added warning when the last visible toolbar is hidden. Also, at startup, the menu bar will be shown automatically if all toolbars are hidden during last session.
9. Added "New Tab(+)" button on the tab bar.
10. Added menu "View:Compact Mode" so that you can easily switch a compact mode UI which provides a mini menu button instead of a full menu bar.
11. Show loading animation on the tab when a web page is being downloaded.
12. Save screen shot of web page via File->Save Screenshot.
13. Bug fix: can't open new windows from inside flash object when popup blocker is enabled.
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