How to perform a clean re-installation?

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How to perform a clean re-installation?

Post by flashpeak » Fri Aug 15, 2003 6:36 pm

IMPORTANT: if you do a clean reinstallation, you will lose all your data and settings assocated with SlimBrowser, including all the group files, quickfill forms, aliases, etc. If you only want to reset the program settings, do it via the menu "Tools:Reset All Settings". That should be normally enough to fix most weird problems you experience.

To do a clean reinstallation, launch SlimBrowser uninstaller from either the start menu or the control panel. On the first screen, check the option "Remove data and settings" and then proceed with the uninstallation. Select OK when you are prompted to confirm the removal of data and settings later in the process. After SlimBrowser is completely removed, you can then install the latest version from
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