False virus alarm by AVG

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False virus alarm by AVG

Post by flashpeak » Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:51 pm

We have received many reports from users that Grisoft AVG Antivirus with a recent version of virus definition data detects the executable or installer of SlimBrowser as Trojan Horse SHeur.WFV. We have looked into this issue and confirmed that it's a false alarm from AVG. Updating your virus definition to the newest version would solve the problem. We have tested that the alarm is gone with [virus base 269.15.14/1100, release date: 10/30/2007 6:26PM].

We have Norton Antivirus (the best Antivirus software in the world) guarding our developing systems all the time to ensure SlimBrowser is free of any virus, trojan or spyware. This is actually not the first time that some antivirus software with not-so-well-defined detection rules produces false alarm about SlimBrowser. The best way to resolve these issues would be to bring them to the vendor of antivirus software so that they can fix the bug. It'd be hard for us to remove viruses which don't actually exist.
Stephen Cheng
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