URL Alias

Alias feature makes you able to type a short alias instead of a long URL in full. You need just type the alias in the address bar. SlimBrowser will replace the alias with the associated URL and then navigate to the target address. Select Tools->Alias Definitions to bring up the alias definition dialog in which you can view and edit alias definition entries. The following are some examples of aliases,

Alias Full URL
ym mail.yahoo.com
lh http://localhost
gl www.google.com
myprj d:\user\smith\vc\proj1

You can also use an alias in replace of built-in commands. For example, you can define an alias to open a QuickFill form file.  You can click the button "Open Saved Form..." in the alias definitions dialog to associate an alias with an existing form file. You can also define an alias to open a group file. Here are two examples for alias associated with built-in commands,

Alias Built-in Command
ym openform username@yahoo.com
sg opengroup mysitegroup



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