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SlimBrowser includes a download manager which supports multi-threaded downloads and is able to resume broken downloads. It can boost the download speed by up to 12 times by splitting the download file into 12 sections and downloading all the sections simultaneously.

  • To enable/disable download manager, go to "Tools:Options:Download manager", toggle the option "Use Built-in Download Manager". When the download manager is disabled, SlimBrowser will use the default download dialog provided by Internet Explorer or any other externally installed manager installed on your system. When the download manager is enabled, it can be temporarily bypassed by holding down CTRL+ATL key while clicking on the link, allowing the default IE downloader to take over.

  • Select "Tools:Download Manager" to open the download manager window where you can the complete list of files that are being downloaded or have been downloaded. You can easily manage all the download jobs from this window. You can also open the download manager window by clicking the "Download Manager" button on the standard toolbar or use the shortcut key Ctrl+J.

  • To configure other download manager options, go to "Tools:Options:Download manager". Learn more about Download Manager Options here.

  • The download manager uses the same proxy settings as SlimBrowser and Internet Explorer. To configure proxy settings, go to "Tools:Internet options:Connections:LAN settings".




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