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The language files are used by SlimBrowser to display localized interface. They contain the translated version of the English strings. The language files (*.ini) are all located under the "language" directory of SlimBrowser installation folder. Each language file contains a list of entries. Each entry consists of a unique identifier followed by a piece of text. All the language files are associated by the unique identifiers. 

You can create a new language file or edit an existing language file in the language file manager. After you are done with the translation, you can email the updated language file to us so that we can include the changes in the next release. If you are interested in helping translate SlimBrowser into a particular language, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Select "Language->Language File Manager" to open the language file manager.

  1. Please input your name, email and website address in the dialog for proper credit and contact information. 
  2. Select the target language that you want to translate from the drop-down box. Your current language will be automatically selected if you are using a localized interface. Please notice that if your operation system is based on a far-eastern language, you can only edit the language file in your own language. That's because some European language characters can't be displayed correctly on these systems. 
  3. If the language you want is not in the list, click New Language button to create a new blank language file. Please make sure you use the English name of the new language for best compatibility. 
  4. You will be able to see the language file entries displayed in the middle table. The first column is a unique identifier for internal use. The second column shows English text and the third column shows the corresponding target language text. Select an entry from the table and the text will be shown in two edit boxes at the bottom. You can edit the target language text in the target language edit box. You can press ENTER key to move to the next entry
  5. You can sort the entries based on different criterion by clicking on the column headers. Clicking on the target language column header will display the un-translated strings at the top as a convenience. 
  6. To start a new line inside the entry text, press CTRL+ENTER instead of ENTER. 
  7. Click Save button to save the changes.
  8. Click the submit button to submit the language file to us so that we can include the changes in the next release. Otherwise, your changes will be lost when you install the next version. 

If you have run into a technical term wondering what's the best translation for it, you might try looking it up here.

Thanks for your valuable contribution to SlimBrowser language files!

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