ScriptPad (VBScript/JScript/HTML/Text Editor)

You can create/edit vbscript/jscript/HTML/text files in this powerful ScriptPad. The button functions are explained below,

  • New: create a new file based on the selected type. Default type is plain-text file.
  • Open: open an existing file
  • View Source Of Current Page: View the source code of the active web page. No source code will be shown if it's a blank page
  • Save: Save the current file
  • Save As: Save with a new file name and path
  • Run Script In Current Page: Run vbscript or jscript in the context of the current page. You can use script to manipulate the html content or extract whatever information you need from the current page.
  • Browse: Open the html file being edited in SlimBrowser. If it's been opened, it will be simply refreshed.
  • Upload: Upload the current file onto a ftp server. Click this button and you will see an upload dialog. You need fill in the following information,
    • Local file: This field will be automatically filled with the path of the current file to upload
    • Server: The domain name or IP address of the ftp server
    • Remote Path: The server directory to which the file will be uploaded. This directory is relative to your home directory on the server. You may or may not terminate the path with a slash("/").
    • User Name: The user name to log into the server
    • Password: The password to log into the server



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