Search Favorites With Full-Text Search Support

SlimBrowser provides powerful favorites/bookmarks searching capability. In order to search all the favorites, select the menu "Favorites->more->search favorites" from the menu to open the favorites side panel in search mode. You can type one or more keywords to search the favorites. If you type multiple keywords, all the keywords must be matched for a bookmark to appear in the search result. If you want to search for an exact phrase, put quotation marks around the phrase. Here are a few examples of search keywords,

  • Search for a single keyword: word1
  • Search for multiple keywords: word1 word2 word3
  • Search for a phrase: "word1 word2 word3"

The keywords being searched for might appear in the title, url or the cached text of the favorite web site. When you add a favorite link to a web page, you have the option to cache the text in the web page locally for full-text searching purpose. When you search the favorites, full-text search will be performed on all the cached text files.



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