Upload File

Select menu Tools->Upload File... to open the file uploader. You can also access the file uploader from the ScriptPad.


  • Upload
    Start Uploading
  • Clear
    Clear all the fields in this dialog
  • Cancel/Close
    Cancel the uploading or close the dialog
  • Load Job
    Load a saved uploading job
  • Save Job
    Save the current settings as an uploading job

Using Saved Uploading Jobs (Useful for webmasters)

A saved ftp upload job file (*.sbjb, i.e., SlimBrowser Job File) can be double clicked in Windows Explorer or Desktop and SlimBrowser will open it for you and carry out the upload job automatically. You can also put a job file on favorites bar, links bar or utilities bar for easy access. You can also create a command file containing several jobs. Opening the command file will execute all the specified jobs one after another.



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