Does slimbrowser block lightbox pop-ups?

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Does slimbrowser block lightbox pop-ups?

Post by MrToad28 » Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:59 am

That looks like an interesting piece of content..I’ll click the link and give it a read….oh no I won’t…..there’s a big popup lightbox standing between me and the content....very annoying. I downloaded Slimbrowser hoping it's popup blocking would block this...but find no reference to such a feature in the forums.
Now there will be
Thanks for answers.
In the meantime, the next time I get hit by a lightbox in Firefox, I'll put the link in Slim it see if it blocks it....and post the result here. I encourage others to do likewise.
Developers...these lightbox popups are becoming a substantial irritant. If you can come up with an effective block, it would be a significant plus differentiating slim from other browsers.

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