I.E. takeover--please help!

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I.E. takeover--please help!

Post by terri13th » Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:46 am

I'm using Slim Browser, version 7.00123, the latest version.
I want to love SB and feel certain my problem is a setting of some sort I'm missing. I put SB on older xp computer b/c Firefox was entirely too slow, and at all costs want to avoid Internet Explorer, but IE keeps rearing it's ugly head whenever I open SB, even tho SB is set as default browser. I think I have a cache problem but have used the 'clean all trace' feature with same result--on search, IE takes over and then I can't get to many web sites, such as 'Craig's List,' for example. I'm using the default SB settings, and did note that under 'compatibility' settings, both IE mode and Enable Microsoft Capability View List, are checked. Is this correct?
The other problem I have is actually knowing which browser I'm using, as only reason I found out IE was rearing it's ugly head was when Craigs wouldn't open and I got the 'IE can't open website error,' so I'm wondering how many of my successful searches are also using IE! How does one tell for sure they are using SB as all of this happens when I open SB and have it set as my default browser?
The reason I think it may be a cache problem is that I have successfully opened Craigslist, definitely really using SB, after I clean all trace, but then another opening reverts to the IE problem. My wonder is if it's using some old shortcuts to web sites in between somehow triggers IE?
Can someone please help me solve this IE problem--I have IE 8 installed, as is latest available for XP, tho of course, want nothing to do with using an unsupported browser! But I know I must keep it on pc.

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Re: I.E. takeover--please help!

Post by oftentired » Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:43 pm

Slimbrowser replaces the IE interface but continues to use most of the underlying IE engine. If you want to divorce yourself form IE you need to use another browser such as Slimjet which is a chrome based browser but doesn't phone home and gather data like google chrome.

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