List of skin-related ideas.

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List of skin-related ideas.

Post by Yellowboy » Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:04 am

  • Adjustable opacity. If not the entire Slimbrowser window, then at least the graphical parts of it.
  • All (not just corners) parts of the skin graphics have deletable background. (Suggestion 1 below)
  • Tab windows have (separate) graphical layout.
  • Changeable menu text, text colors, backgrounds, graphics, tab graphics, sidebar graphics, etc.
  • Perhaps the toolbar could be one image, with scripts to resize, brighten, and desaturate it. (Suggestion 2)
  • The barback image should optionally be defined as a color variable in the skin settings.
  • The little separators regarding the different toolbars needs to be either removed or customizable, too.
  • The status bar's text color should also be customizable.

1) Perhaps the best idea would be to have a gradient-based mask that determines opacity (black=0 opacity, white=100).
2) The best way to go about it would be a variable regarding this. toolbarstyle=original or new.

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Re: List of skin-related ideas.

Post by Hans » Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:34 am

What's stopping you from writing a skin like that yourself? Image

OK, well, ALL your ideas won't be in the skin, but several of them could be.

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