Ability to edit bookmarks

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Ability to edit bookmarks

Post by Noramart » Tue May 08, 2012 12:21 pm


I had posted this question originally in the General area, thinking I must have overlooked something, but it appears that I really can't edit the URL related to a bookmark. In all other browsers I've used you can edit your bookmarks. Most often, you right-click and there's an "Edit" option, where you can edit either the name, or the URL, or both. In SB, you can only edit the name via either right-click >> Properties, or right-click >> rename, but not the URL. In the past few days, a couple of the sites I use (this is for work, by the way) have changed the URL where certain downloads are available. I had to delete the original bookmark and add a new one.

So ... would you kindly add the ability to edit a bookmark's URL, please?


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