Script to convert currency in eBay auctions

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Post by SmackoTron » Fri Aug 27, 2004 8:39 am

I wrote this JavaScript that can be used in SlimBrowser to show the price of an eBay auction in SEK (Swedish kronor).

It could easily be adapted for other currencies.

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// Exchange rate
   rate = 7.655;

// USD
   var match = /US \$([0-9.]*)</m.exec(document.body.innerHTML);

// Not USD
   var match2 = /US \$(.*)\)/m.exec(document.body.innerHTML);

   if (match2 == null) {
     var price = match[1];
   } else {
     var price = match2[1];

   price = price * rate;

   alert("Cirka "+price+" kronor.");
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