Installation Script to Save Custom QuickSearch

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Installation Script to Save Custom QuickSearch

Post by oftentired » Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:31 am

Guest Alex posted this in the old forum. It is a good resource to share here.
Alex wrote:Guess my request is not going to happen soon... ;) so I wrote a little script for myself + thought I share it with you guys. It won't help with Rudolf's request, but it should be easy to extend.

Copy all contents in code to notepad, save it as "Sliminstall.cmd". Next time you upgrade Slimbrowser, put the setup file in the same folder as "Sliminstall.cmd" and launch the "Sliminstall.cmd" + follow instructions. Tested with XP/2K.

Code: Select all

@echo off

set setupdatei=sbsetup.exe or sblite.exe

for %%a in (sbsetup.exe sblite.exe) do if exist %%a set setupdatei=%%a
for %%b in ("%appdata%\slimbrowser\sbrowser.ini" "%setupdatei%") do if not exist %%b echo.&echo %%b not found&echo.&pause&goto :eof

rename "%appdata%\slimbrowser\quicksearch" backup_quicksearch

echo Starting Slimbrowser installation... 
echo - Install Slimbrowser
echo - Start Slimbrowser (to write new QuickSearch Definitions)
echo - Exit Slimbrowser
echo - Press a key to continue this script (to restore QuickSearch Definitions)

rmdir /S /Q "%appdata%\slimbrowser\quicksearch"
rename "%appdata%\slimbrowser\backup_quicksearch" quicksearch

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