SlimBrowser 6.01 Change Log

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SlimBrowser 6.01 Change Log

Post by flashpeak » Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:01 pm

•Bug fix: adjustment effects not applied correctly when photo frame is not used in photo salon
•Bug fix: allow ctrl+f to invoke the find dialog in scriptpad.

•"New Tab" page title loccalized properly
•Allow users to middle click a quickdial button on the tabs page to open it in a new tab. (Shift click or use the "Open In New Tab" menu is also ok).

•Fix bug in weather forecast html template.

•Fixed a bug in photo salon
•Updated Turkish language file.
•Fixed a bug related to toolbar position restoration.

Update language files.

  • Fixed a bug in the interpretation of text entered in the address bar
  • Add support to allow users to assign an alias to a group in the alias definition dialog. (Click the drop down arrow to access the menu to define special commands).
•Fixed memory leak in photo salon
•Fixed localization of Chinese application name in installer.
•Fixed problem of watching videos from QQ video.
•Bug fix: some UTF8 text files not loaded correctly.

•Fixed web page translation issue under IE10.

•Moved “download youtube video” button to the right side of the upload button on the top of the page (the fix in build 092 was not applied correctly).

•Show tooltips for tabs with clipped title.
•Moved “download youtube video” button to the right side of the upload button on the top of the page.
•Fixed “set as default browser” in portable version on Windows 8.

•Updated youtube video download button based the new layout of youtube website
•Fixed a cookie sharing issue on Windows 8 (critical update if you have set maximum number of tabs per process to 1).
•Update language files.

•Language file updates (French and welsh)
•Added support for Chinese version help file.
•Fixed a small bug with form filler regarding the default choice for autofill

•Language file updates
•Bug fix: tab bar multiline mode choice wasn't saved correctly.

•Auto shrink the width of tabs with the increase of the number of tabs in single line mode.
•Improved the appearance of tab bar in both tab style and button style.

•Added option to automatically fill form when a matching form is detected.
•Slightly darkened background color of background tabs to increase contrast.
•Fixed a couple of minor bugs with form filler.

•Fixed a possible crash in Windows 8.

•Changed appearance of tab bar. Reduced drawing flicker of tab bar.
•Updated Arabic language file.
•Updated IE9 compatibility view list.

•Update language files
•Add option to always open links in the same tab instead of new tab.

•Update language files
•Fixed bug with the storage of a couple of program settings which might cause problem of persistent tooltips.

Build 080
•Bug fix: Most frequently visited sites and most frequently used forms don’t work in non-english user interface.
•Added support for capture screenshot of selected area.
•Bug fix: Adding saved form in group organizer dialog doesn’t work with form files in subfolders.
•Bug fix: when starting SlimBrowser with a homepage, the focus should be set to the web page instead of the address bar.

Build 078
1. Update language files
2. Add menu "File->Most Frequently Visited Sites"
3. Add "Scan with VirusTotal" to the in-page context menu. Right click on any link to activate this feature.
4. Add support to fill random user name and random password with form filler. Right click in text or password fields in web forms to access this feature.
5. Add menu "Quick Fill: Most Frequently Used Forms".

Build 076
1. Update language files
2. Fixed a bug with automatic bookmark import.

Build 075
1. Add option to cache text of quick-bookmarked pages for full-text searching purpose.
2. Fixed bug with renaming of form files and bookmarks in organizer dialog.
3. "Clean trace by domain" now supports multiple domains.
4. Bug fix: share on facebook, quick bookmark and add to favorite menu from the tab popup menu not working properly on inactive tabs.
5. Added site icon for recently closed sites menu.
6. Add support for recently added favorites.
7. Bug fix: when closing the browser, the last open sites were not saved properly into the recently closed sites menu.
8. Favorite separation from IE introduced in build 074 is cancelled. SlimBrowser continue to share favorites with IE.
9. Added menu Tools:Security:Scan with Virustotal.

Build 073
1. Added option to turn off annoying navigating sound in tools:options:misc
2. Update language files.

Build 072
1. Bug fix: default browser registration issue under Windows 8
2. Add easy way to upload clibpoard image. Right click within the file input text box and select "Upload Clipboard Image" from the popup menu.
3. Added support for full-text search of cached favorite websites.

Build 071
1. Fixed compatiblity warning with google docs
2. Updated language files.
3. Bug fix: crash when repeatedly middle-clicking the first tab.

Build 069
1. youtube video download feature improvement
2. Updated language files.

Build 068
1. Fixed youtube video download issue.
2. Added option to convert download youtube video to mp3 file.
3. Sorting option pages alphabetically for non-English interface.

Build 067
1. Language file updates
2. Option page is now sorted alphabetically for easy lookup.

Build 066
1. Bug fix: youtube video download not positioned correctly after main window is resized.
2. Language file updates.

Build 065
1. Fixed weather forecast issue (using weather information provided by World Weather Online [])

Build 064
1. Bug fix: Unable to download youtube video under Windows XP
2. Fixed a bug associated with clean trace by domain feature.
3. Updated Arabic language file.

Build 063
1. Bug fix: open a new rendering process upon closing the last tab.
2. Bug fix: filling random password not working properly for some sites.
3. Completed Romanian language file. (Thanks for the contribution from Borsos Gellért).

Build 062
1. Added link to online demo videos under help menu.
2. Added "Validate HTML Source" under View menu for web developers. (The online html validation service is provided by . They also provide an offline version called CSE HTML Validator at ).

Build 061
1. Completed Danish language file. Many thanks to Frank Nielsen for his contribution!
2. Added option to create alias for saved form files.

Build 060
1. Fixed implementation of external.AddFavorite javascript method.
2. Bug fix: ScriptPad not working properly under Windows vista/7.
3. Added support to download youtube video.
4. Reduced setup file size.

Build 059
1. Finnish language file is now complete
2. Add shortcut key ctrl+j for download manager.
3. Fixed bug about crash restoration.

Build 058
1. set limit to the range of zooming
2. Changed default value of a couple of options.
3. Bug with quickfill form filler (filling phone number and birthday)
4. Fixed bug with saving pictures.
5. Added an option to remember folder to save pictures in options:misc. The option is default off since it might make the picture saving feature not work correctly on some web pages. Use this option only if you like to save a lot of pictures every day.

Build 056
1. Updated Portuguese and Estonian language files

Build 055
1. Reduce closing time of the last tab.

Build 054
1. Updated language files.

Build 053
1. Updated language files
2. Improved tab closing speed.

Build 052
1. Unblock by default with popup blocker.
2. Added "Add saved form" button into group organizer dialog so that you can easily add a saved quickfill form file as a member of a group.
3. Bug fix: Last-used frame setting is not loaded correctly in photo salon.

Build 051
1. Fixed crash when updating quickdial button screenshots.
2. Updated language files.

Build 050
1. Bug fix: blank url unexpectedly added into address bar drop down history.
2. Set default language of installer to system ui language.
3. Fixed two bugs with photo salon.
4. Automatically terminate hanging rendering processes at startup.
5. Added option to fully disable photo salon in tools:options:photo processing.
6. Automatically disable photo salon on email websites.

Build 049:
1. Fixed a crash case with
2. Updated dutch language file.

Build 048:
1. Fixed a crash case with Photo Salon.

Build 046:
1. Language file updates.

Build 044:
1. Added Photo Salon which allows you to add frames and other enhancement effects to your photos prior to upload.
2. Updated fix for gmail cookie mismatch issue.

Build 043
1. Added option to show the bookmarks on the links bar with short title, long title and icon only.
2. Fix for gmail cookie mismatch issue.

Build 041
1. Fixed a small bug with language file manager.

Build 040
1. Language file updates
2. Fixed the drop down menu from the scripts button on the standard toolbar.

Build 035
1. New feature: Added feature to automatically shrink uploaded photos to dramatically reduce upload time. Accessible from menu Tools:Photo Processing

Build 033
1. Bug fix: "Never Ask for this site" for quickfill feature not working properly
2. Added back "mail" button as an available button on the standard toolbar.

Build 032:
1. Bug fix: crash when openning some quickfill form files.

Build 031
1. Replaced Google Buzz integration with Google plus. Accessible from Tools:Share This Page: Google Plus
2. Language files updates.

Build 030:
1. Added find&replace button to scriptpad toolbar.

Build 029:
1. Bug fix: Download manager history file saved incorrectly.

Build 028
1. Language file update.
2. Bug fix: crash when opening a form file tied to a URL set to compatibility view.

Build 025
1. Minor improvement to Ad Blocker.

Build 024
1. Removed a duplicate toolbar button
2. Updated language files.

Build 023:
1. Bug fix: duplicate unlock dialogs when browser autolock is enabled.
2. Fixed a bug with identity filler portion of quickfill feature.
3. Improved support for IE10 beta.

Build 022:
1. Updated Lithuanian language file.

Build 021:
1. Bug fix: tab bar gap on the left side in locked mode.
2. Bug fix: menu selection rectangle overlap with icon.

Build 020
1. Bug fix: unable to show roboform toolbar under windows xp.
2. Language files have been converted into UTF8 format. Updated Welsh language file.

Build 019
1. Bug fix: messed up new tab page due to a bug in earlier builds
2. Bug fix: drop down menu from mini menu button not working properly due to a bug in earlier builds

Major Features:
  • The old autologin feature has been replaced with the new form filler feature under the "Quick Fill" menu. Autologin files will be upgraded into saved form files.
  • Added option to ignore https sites in download manager options.
  • Added menu tools:reset all settings.
  • Bug fix: double clicking ftp folder in a ftp folder view opens the ftp folder in an external explorer window.
  • Feature change: The entire browser window is now hidden when the browser is locked.
  • Added paste & search into the context menu of the quicksearch box.
  • Ctrl key for the purpose of new tab activation toggling now affects only sites opened from existing tabs by middle-clicking, shift+clicking or selecting the menu "Open In New Tab".
  • Now you can use delete key to delete a single entry from the drop down list of the address bar.
  • Bug fix: Tab bar height wasn't adjusted properly when the bar is using multi-line mode while resizing the main window.
  • Bug fix: website with title including special characters such as apostrophe messes up the quickdial settings.
  • Added support to download all the links from the current web page. Accessible from the in-page context menu ""Download all with download manager" and from the toolbar on the download manager.
  • The folder to save pictures is now remembered across browsing sessions.
  • Added "Window->Restore All/Maximize All" to the Window menu.
  • Added site-dependent zoom settings. If you set a specific zoom setting on a web page, next time you come to the same domain, the same zoom setting will be applied.
  • Added support to import firefox bookmarks in one click (Favorites->Manage Favorites->Import Firefox Bookmarks).
  • Added option to easily disable the securty alert when browsing pages with both http and https content.
  • Reduced startup time when skin is enabled.
  • Skin selection dialog has been changed into a menu list.
  • Add support to restore popup window by openning blocked url directly. Now we have two ways to restore popup windows. The old way is allow popups temporarily and refresh the current page (Allow Popup and Reload).
    The new way will restore the blocked popup window by opening its URL directly. The new way is more useful in cases where refreshing the current page will cause either loss of data or session information.
  • Added support to delete individual items from the history view.
  • Changed domain autocompletion options. Added checkbox to enable/disable each of them individually. Check tools:options:address bar.
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