SlimBrowser 7.0 Detailed Change Log (7.00.139)

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SlimBrowser 7.0 Detailed Change Log (7.00.139)

Post by flashpeak » Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:51 am


Build 140
1. Minor bug fixes.

Build 139
1. Fix video playback issue.

Build 138
1. Add Vietnamese language file

Build 137
1. Minor bug fixes.

Build 135
1. Solve playback issue of Tencent video.

Build 133
1. Updated some language files.
2. Added Bing search engine into the list of preinstalled engines.

Build 132
1. Add link to in new tab page.

Build 131
1. Updated German language file.

Build 130
1. Fixed a bug with youtube video downloader.

Build 129
1. Added Yandex engine for Russian users.

Build 127
1. Fixed video playback issue with tencent video (

Build 126
1. Added Privacy Protection List into the ad blocker.

Build 125
1. Improve performance of ad blocker.
2. Improve upload speed of built-in ftp uploader.

Build 124
1. Fixed compatibility issue with

Build 123
1. Fixed compatibility issue with
2. Fixed a bug with ad blocker.

Build 121
1. Fixed a bug with facebook sharing.

Build 120
1. Fix youku video playback issue.

Build 119
1. Fix crash when uploading files under Windows xp.

Build 118
1. Fixed a bug with youtube video downloader.

Build 117
1. Fix crash when uploading photos directly from mobile phone or digital camera.

Build 116
1. Fix bug with download manager when downloading files over 2GB.

Build 115
1. Fix bug with youtube video download

Build 114
1. Fix bug with mouse gesture customization interface.

Build 112
1. Added full support for various mouse gestures. (In Tools:options:mouse, turn on the option "enable mouse gesture" and click customize button to customize).

Build 111
1. Fixed compatibility issue with AOL mail.

Build 110
1.Disable SSL 3.0 Protocol by default to avoid POODLE exploit. The option is located in Tools:Options:Security:Disable SSL 3.0 Protocol. If you have trouble connecting to legacy servers which only support SSL 3.0, you can turn off this option temporarily.

Build 109
1. Added support for duckduckgo search engine

Build 108
1. Fixed bug with "Scan with virustotal" in context menu.

Build 107
1. Fixed link to China Adblock list update url.
2. Fixed tab closing drawing flicker under Windows 7 basic theme.
3. Restored shopping assistant feature.

Build 106
1. Update language files.
2. Added option to automatically optimize memory usage in "Tools:options:advanced". (Learn more about this option here)

Build 105
1. Update language files.

Build 104
1. Fixed bug with youtube video downloader and improved video conversion speed.
2. Revised the design of the new tab page:
I. the small buttons are only visible when you hover the mouse on the big site buttons.
II. added support for tile option for background image.
III. Make the site buttons semi-transparent when a background image is applied.
3. Improved identity-based form filler.
4. Close all tabs when closing SlimBrowser to tray.

Build 103
1. Improved form filler compatibility with some sites.
2. Added capability to delete a matched from address bar suggestion list.

Build 102
1. Updated compatibility view site list.

Build 101
1. Minor bug fixes.

Build 100
1. update language files.

Build 096
1. Updated Dutch adbocker list url.

Build 094
1. Fixed form filler caused in build 092
2. Revised youtube video downloader. Support downloading audio track directly without downloading video first. Fixed bug about some videos not downloadable.
3. Update language files.

Build 092
1. Filled a bug in form filler.

Build 091
1. Solved compatiblity issue with Tencent Video and Sohu Video.

Build 089
1. Disabled related deals script on amazon and ebay websites.

Build 087
1. Fix bug due to renamed German and French language files.
2. Added link to German online forum for SlimBrowser.

Build 086
1. Update language files.
2. Improved quickfill form filler auto-submitting algorithm.
3. Fixed a minor bug in the "Download All with download manager" feature.

Build 085
1. Added support for shopping assistant features.

Build 083
1. bug fix: locking browser when tray icon is enabled.
2. bug fix: letv video can't be watched properly.

Build 082
1. Minor bug fix.

Build 081
1. Minor bug fix.

Build 080
1. Moved youtube video download button to the bottom of the playing video.

Build 079
1. Fixed youtube video download issue.

Build 078
1. Fixed compatibility issue with My Yahoo.

Build 077
1. Fix bug in some built-in javascript.

Build 076
1. update language files
2. Fixed yahoo email compatibility issue.

Build 075
1. Fixed youtube video download issue.

Build 074
1. Update language file
2. Make options:misc page scrollable.

Build 073
1. Automatically remove the play symbol from the file name when downloading youtube video.
2. Add option to show related deals and coupons when shopping online. (This option can be turned off in tools:options:misc:show related deals and coupons when shopping online).

Build 072
1. Enable ad blocker for https sites.

Build 071
1. Merged Easylist and Fanboy's list in the ad blocker since they are now one list. Only easylist option is available now.
2. Moved items under the in-page shortcut menu directly onto the top level of the context menu for easier access.

Build 070
1. Fixed a bug associated with

Buid 068-069
1. Ad blocker rule update
2. Fixed compatibility warning with
3. Bug fix: default rendering mode setting not saved properly.

Build 067
1. Fixed weather forecasting issue for some locations
2. Bug fix: unable to launch proxy organizer

Build 066
1. Feature reversal: Disabled automatic switching of rendering mode based on META tag of web pages.
2. Fixed minor bug in proxy organizer.

Build 064-065
1. Increased size of weather forecast information dialog
2. Fixed compatibility issue with skydrive site for IE11 users.
3. Bug fix: web page update issue after using mouse gesture.

Build 063
1. Added Israel filter list into ad blocker
2. Added support for custom user agent string defined in Microsoft Compatibility view list.
3. Fixed crash when running builtin spell checker component
4. Added option to automatically switch rendering mode based on META tag of web pages
5. Bug fix: automatic translation not working correctly for IE11 users.

Build 061
1. Bug fix: google and yahoo website not rendered correctly for IE11 users.
2. Bug fix: when internet options dialog is opened from New Tabs page, the homepage setting is inconsistent.
3. Bug fix: quickfill not working correctly sometimes for IE11 users
4. Improved compatibility with Windows 8.1
5. Bug fix: translation feature not working correctly for IE11 users.

Build 059
1. Added support for editing the title of quick dial buttons.

Build 057
1. Fixed memory leak in photo salon.
2. Updated language files.

Build 056
1. Add menu "Follow SlimBrowser on Twitter" and "Subscribe to SlimBrowser Newsletter"
2. Fixed memory leak on systems with IE11.
3. Updated IE11 compatiblity view list

Build 053
1. Language file updates.

Build 052
1. Bug fix: mouse gesture initiated unexpectely when right click on flash object

Build 051
1. Updated code related to weather forecast to use a new api key.

Build 050
1. Fixed a bug about default zoom settings.

Build 047-049
1. Added option to activate the tab on the right side when one tab is closed. Users preferring the traditional behavior can turn this option off.
2. Update language files
3. Updated fix for gmail cookie mismatch error.

Build 046
1. Behavior change: Activate the tab on the right side when one tab is closed.

Build 045
1. Fixed CNN Video playing issue when ad blocker is enabled.

Build 044
1. Fixed web page zooming issues in high DPI settings.

Build 042-043
1. Added Hindi language file
2. Fixed display issue of various user interface elements in high DPI settings.

Build 041
1. Update language file
2. Added "Open All Favorites" menu item to the popup menu when you right click on a favorites folder.

Build 038-040
1. Renamed some of the language files. For example, "German Austrian" has been renamed to "German (Austria)".
2. Fixed youtube video download issue for users who have enabled the html5 trial feature.
3. Improved support for IE11 with Windows 8.1
4. Fixed gmail display issue under IE11.

Build 036-037
1. Automatically switch website to a new process if the current rendering process has reached resource limit. (This can effectively prevent SlimBrowser from freezing or hanging after using it for a very long time in a single session. )
2. Update language files.

Build 034-035
1. Fixed a bug in new tab page settings.
2. Added an option to disable automatic url suggestions in "options:address bar"

Build 033
1. Updated Chinese version user manual based on SlimBrowser 7.0
2. Bug fix: quick dial button name with special characters such as commas not stored correctly.
3. Update language files.

Build 031-032
1. Add menu "Tools:Ad Blocker:Select Ad Component to Block" to help users pick the ad to block with mouse.
2. Update language files.

Build 030
1. Update Chinese Traditional language files (Thanks a lot for the contribution made by John from Taiwan).

Build 028-029
1. Added toolbar button for capturing screenshot of selected area
2. Bug fix: prevent users to refresh site group defined on tabs page.
3. Update language files.

Build 025-027
1. Bug fix: crash when attempting to reordering quickdial websites defined in tabs pages
2. Added support for mouse-dragging gesture to navigate back and forth. Simple drag left or right while holding the right button to navigate back or forward.
3. Add menu to disable ad blocker on top level domain (available under menu "tools:adb blocker:disable ad blocker on top level domain").
4. Bug fix: after resetting all settings, the ad blocker filter list setting wasn't reset correctly.

Build 024
1. Added support for submitting language files directly from language file manager.
2. Update language files.

Build 023
1. Bug fix: position max-min-restore buttons correctly when switching into and out of compact mode.
2. Allow users to drag the mini menu button.
3. Improved address typing suggestion algorithm.

Build 022
1. Added support for sorting the quickdial sites in the customization dialog.
2. Enable drag-to-restore on the menu bar when the main window is maximized and title bar is hidden.

Build 021
1.Bug fix: Spell checker language not set properly in non-English UI.
2.Bug fix: search by clicking the search engine button or its drop down menu not done properly.

Build 020
1. Update language files.

Build 019
1. Added more ad blocker filter lists available for choice.
2. Set default ad blocker filter lists based on user’s system language.
3. Update language files.

Build 017
1. Language file updates
2. Included quickdial site settings when backing up data and settings.

Build 016
1.Language file updates
2.Use non-modal dialog for language file manager.

Build 015
1.Language file updates
2.Added support for search-engine-suggested domain name in address bar suggestions

Build 014
*Fixed flash caching issue for IE10 users.
*Update language files.
*Fixed translation issue of quick config dialog.

Build 013
*Updated hungarian language file.

Build 012
*Bug fix: youku video upload issue
*Bug fix: use web image for youtube download video button if using https connection to avoid a security warning.

Build 011
*Bug fix: "open in new tab" menu missing with IE8 installed.
*Bug fix: youtube download video button missing when using https connections.

Build 010
*Added automatic spell checking support in SlimBrowser for Windows 8 users.

Build 009
*Bug fix: gmail content filtered by mistake when fanboy's list is enabled.
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