Crash caused by latest flash player on Windows 10

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Crash caused by latest flash player on Windows 10

Post by flashpeak » Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:46 pm

Flash player is integrated as part of windows 10. If your windows 10 is up to date, you will have flash player Unfortunately, this version of flash player has serious compatibility problem with SlimBrowser. It will cause SlimBrowser to crash whenever you visit a site with visible flash player or hidden flash objects (such as facebook). We are still currently investigating the problem. However, it could be a tough problem to solve since we don't have control on the behavior of flash player.

Users affected by this issue have the following workarounds:

1. Use our Slimjet browser from which doesn't have this problem. Slimjet has most of the features available in SlimBrowser but it's faster and more stable.

2. Uninstall the windows update containing the keyword (KB3132372).

This bug has been fixed by Microsoft. Check for Windows Update and make sure your flash player is updated to at least That will fix the problem.
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