Does SlimBrowser collect any user information?

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Does SlimBrowser collect any user information?

Post by flashpeak » Wed Aug 20, 2003 9:47 am

SlimBrowser only collects some anonymous feature usage statistics information. The sole purpose of doing this is to determine what features in SlimBrowser are popuplar among users and what features are actually rarely used. We will use such information to improve the software and optimize the user experience. It will help us to determine how to best allocate our development efforts among various aspects of SlimBrowser.

When we say "anonymous", we mean we don't performanently store the user's IP information on the server (Companies like Google use IP address to track individual users and send targeted ads, which is not truly anonymous). The collected usage data is only used internally within FlashPeak. It will never be shared with any third-party organizations.

Such anonymous usage statistics collection can be easily opted out by selecting menu "Tools:Options" and go to the "Privacy" section of the options dialog. After that, turn off the option "Send anonymous usage data to help improve SlimBrowser".
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