5.00 download issues (fixed in a sense)

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5.00 download issues (fixed in a sense)

Post by jhettish » Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:10 am

I've been having a problem downloading files on certain websites that I rely upon. When clicking on the site's "Download" link Slimbrowser's Download manager pops up in a ready-to-go fashion but the file is listed as "Default.aspx" This morning I tried to download Java from the Sun Microsystems site and got a similar result. In the file portion of Download Manager all that was visible was .exe, no file name. This doesn't happen on all web sites and it apparently is linked with some site incompatibility and Slimbrowser Download Manager.
A short time ago I disabled (deselected from Options) Download Manager. Now when I try to download files from one of the affected web sites I get the Windows download dialog box I'm used to on other browsers. I see the entire file name and can download, open, save, execute or whatever I need to do.
The problem started with the appearance of Download Manager and it's taken me this long to disable that function of the 5.00 version of the program. Aside from that issue I find 5.00 to be a great web browser and am now glad that I don't have to revert to IE in order to download files from web sites I depend upon.

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Re: 5.00 download issues (fixed in a sense)

Post by oftentired » Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:25 pm

I'm curious if you tried the, " Use Default Downloader" button on the initial download manager action window when a download was started? And, if you did, I'm curious if the file naming problem carried over into the resulting download window?

I'm going to guess your running XP but that would be interesting to know as well.
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Re: 5.00 download issues (fixed in a sense)

Post by akjohaplus » Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:10 pm

not sure if this applies to your post but it applies to downloads; I had no trouble before downloading the build updates but today when notified of 138 from 137 I for some reason was flashed to cnet and subjected to other downloads ect ect. I never did find out what happened to or where the update went I clicked on to download! Any ideas on MY dilema? Thank you.

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