OSX 10.8.5 issues

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OSX 10.8.5 issues

Post by Photogopher » Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:57 am

I started a new topic simply because I never got a resolution to my original post 10 months ago.
I'm not really sure if SlimBoat for Mac is working any better than it was 10 months ago but so far I have not seen any improvements. Video embedded in Facebook doesn't display. You get audio but no video.
This was my complaint months ago. While there are some nice features in SlimBoat, I don't see a reason to use it if basic functions are problematic. The jerky scrolling is also annoying. So as I posted earlier this year, SlimBoat for Mac still seems half baked.
Honestly I would use the product if I saw obvious progress but for now, it's on my back shelf.

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