Why I feeling that SlimBrowser is nearly 2015 best browser?

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Why I feeling that SlimBrowser is nearly 2015 best browser?

Post by sweetpeas » Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:45 pm

Nope, I'm not flatter. I'm dead serious.

Firefox still consume ram about 200-400mb as ever
Chrome these days kind of bloat & worst ram of all. It's a real nightmare for 2gb-4gb user's PC.
Which cause many low ram users around 2gb-4gb stop using ad blockers & other plugins.
Opera 12 use to be the best download manager built-in browser but now they suicide by us chrome engine.
Even IE became faster but adblocker is kind of buggy. Not many free plugins which become useless.
While Slimbrowser is already fix every parts from IE which MS doesn't realize that & they start to craft MS Edge for nothing.
I've even tried Midori, Qtweb, Qupzilla still they comsume no less than 100mb
While Slimbrowser run just 40mb-60mb

Myself I use to avoid other browsers that doesn't have large plugins supports IE, firefox, Chrome.
But now I'm realize that I don't have to worry about lack of flash on windows anymore.
Even Ubuntu side I've Freshplayer which support latest flash player 17+ on Linux for all browsers.
While Slim Browser you've easy powerful adblock as adblock which is good enough for me.
Also I never expect that you've virustotal scanning menu which I need & use everydays.

The main strong point that you beat other web browsers is....
- Your download manager always get complete download & "never snap" any broken files
While IE, Firefox, Chrome if you download directly there's a chance you'll get snap.
Their download plugin can still snap. Which you need download manager software to close this GAP.
But Slimbrowser doesn't need any of that. It's fast & never snap
- Fastest built-in download manager. My internet speed around 14mb which download around 800kb-1.3mb
Download speed stable never drop too much. Somesite other browser download only 300-400kb but slim goes 700-900kb

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