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PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:34 am 

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First off I would like to say I LOVE this browser. There are a few things that are preventing me from using it consistently though.

1. It doesn't export bookmarks in a proper format to import into another browser. You can open the bookmark file as a webpage, but there are too many "DL" tags and produce a line space between the items. When importing into another browser you just get the first couple of lines and the rest is missing. If you remove the extra "DL" tags, it does work. Trying to manually edit the file is not a good option for me. I do love the fact that the file doesn't include a bunch of icon and date stamp data.

2. It doesn't like WordPress. It will not "paste" into the text area of WordPress when creating a post. It works fine for the title but doesn't show a "paste" if right clicked in the text area and won't even do it when using "ctrl-v" - it will put the word "undefined".

3. Will not work on the Netflix site. You can get to the login page and it won't go any further. I thought maybe it was a blocking setting enabled and tried several different scenarios and even totally disabled (I think) any popup, script, ad, and other blocking and still failed to get it to even go past the login.

4. It will "freeze" occasionally. The CPU usage will go to 50% and it will not respond. You can minimize the browser and maximize it; but, that is about it. It lasts from a couple of minutes up to five minutes. The memory usage doesn't seem to be outrageous when this happens as I have seen the usage from a couple hundred K to 400 K.

5. The password manager is awesome! I did find if I edit the names with the editor, it retains the original files with the original names and also shows them. For instance, if the originally saved name was "websiteAZ" and in the editor I edited the name to "Web Site AZ", both the original name and the new name show up in the menu. The .sbfm files names don't change to the new name.

6. Will spell checking be a future improvement? I got used to using it in other browsers.

7. It seems occasionally when a link or button is clicked, nothing happens. I have sometimes had to click a link or button a couple of times for it to work.

I do congratulate you on a fine browser. I was a die hard Opera user until recently. This is the only browser that comes close for me. I do LOVE the exit pop up blocking and not having new windows come up when everything should stay as a tab. I really hope this browser continues to improve and it can only get better from here. :lol:

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