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Right click context menu
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Author:  daredevil1 [ Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:04 am ]
Post subject:  Right click context menu


Is Slimboat a good we browser or what? I think so. But... There are some features tthat i think it might make it THE BEST.

1. When right click let's say a word and we have the option to Search for selected text, can u make it like in the picture bellow:

We should have a Configuration option that we can configure which search engine we want.
Another thing: when i search for a word CAN U MAKE THE OPTION TO SEARCH IT ON ANOTHER TAB INSTEAD ON THE CURRENT TAB? I think many users are confrunting with this.

2. Translation is verry annoying. I have a solution (from another web browser):

When doing this a new tab opens with say Google translate and the word or phrase we are looking for is translated with Detect language option (or u can make different translation options).

3. When Right click on a link or a static text with www can u make it open in a new tab with option like in picture above: Open As Url?

4. Another thing (general): We are on a Folder on Bookmarks bar. When going on another Folder we must click it to open bookmarks links. Maybe is better when hoovering on another Folder to drop down its links.

That is for now. Keep up the good work. We should share with other people this great browser.

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