How to quickly share a screenshot on facebook

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How to quickly share a screenshot on facebook

Post by flashpeak » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:42 pm

We have added the feature to capture screenshot of selected area of a web page (accessible from menu File: Capture Screenshot of Selected Area) in SlimBrowser V6.01.080. Combine this feature and the upload clipboard image feature, we arrive at a very convenient way for users to share a screenshot (full or partial) of web pages you are visiting on facebook.

Let’s say you are viewing a web page which has some interesting content that you want to share. Sharing a link sometimes won’t cut it since some of the link might not be publicly accessible. So let’s capture a screenshot of it by selecting the menu File: Capture Screenshot of Selected Area. The captured screenshot will be copied into clipboard. After that, go to you facebook wall page, click “Add Photo/Video” to bring up the photo upload input box. Right click in the photo upload input box and select “Upload Clipboard Image” from the popup menu. Then, write some comments if you want and then click Post button to complete the wall post which includes the screenshot you’ve just captured. Easy enough, isn’t it?
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