Open a Tab as a "scratchpad" for drafts and spellchecking

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Open a Tab as a "scratchpad" for drafts and spellchecking

Post by oftentired » Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:50 pm

Historically online forums and other online text data entry areas have been notorious for either timing out or reloading and losing all the typing that has been done before you had a chance to save it. Many times there is no option to save or the webpage will fail to save when you try to save it so each time your stuck hoping and praying it won't get lost.

One option is to go to the trouble to open a wordprocessor or notepad and deal with multiple windows while your drafting your text. For me the problem with notepad is most spellcheckers will not engage to perform a check in it and it is one more open window I have to navigate to and from to get stuff done with it. Also for me it is very annoying not to be able to use the browser spellchecker for anything other than a text area on a webpage. There is a solution!

Open Notepad and copy this text exactly to notepad

Code: Select all

<textarea rows="10000" cols="120">
now this is important and it is easy to do
your going to save the notepad file BUT you MUST change the file extension
when you go to save the file STOP before you click OK or Save and in the area where you type the name of the file you include at the end the file name the file extension .html
so my file name looked like this, "textarea.html"

Now you have kept track of where the file is. You can link it any way you want so that you have easy access to it and can open it with your browser as needed. I stuck my file, textarea.html, into the Links folder under my Favorites so it shows up on my Favorites Bar which is really easy to access since I make use of it.

Now when I need to have a handy scratchpad while I'm browsing webpages that acts very similar to notepad I just click the link to my file, textarea.html, and it opens a blank text area in a new tab which is very easy to switch to and I can use the text area for many useful purposes.

1. Drafting a long forum reply or other long online text without fear of losing it (be sure you DON'T close your browser or you will lose it)
2. A handy notepad type text area where I can paste words and stuff copied from a webpage and then edit and select and re-copy only what I really wanted from the webpage and paste what I wanted to wherever I wanted it without bringing along all the webpage code and other garbage with it
3. I can copy paste any text I'm working on outside of the browser to this scratchpad text area and use the browser spellchecker on it

Manipulating the text in this scratchpad is very easy. All the common keyboard shortcuts you use everywhere in Windows programs work the same in your browser as well.

Ctrl + A to select all
Ctrl + C to copy what is selected
Ctrl + V to paste what is selected
Ctrl + X to copy and cut (delete) what is selected
Shift + Right or Left arrow key to highlight/select from the cursor position one space at a time
Shift + Up or Down arrow key to highlight/select from the cursor position on one line to the next line
Shift + Home or End key to hightlight/select from the cursor position to the beginning or end of the line of text
Shift + Ctrl + Right or Left arrow to hightlight/select starting from the cursor position one word at a time

if you prefer you can use the mouse for most of these highlight/select actions as well

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