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Sessions get wipe out after a period of time

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2022 3:31 pm
by grayprogrammerz
Hi, I'm using slim browser from 1-2 years.
And noticing same issue over many times on different releases.

If I use slim browser for long time, the cookies and sessions get refreshed/removed.
Then I see all websites has new login page (as cookies were refreshed).

So I found problem my self.
At following location, cookies are saved:
I notice slim browser is keeping on creating new "cookies.sqlite" and renaming old cookies as "cookies.sqlite.bak".
If I rename, "cookies.sqlite.bak" as "cookies.sqlite", then I can access my old cookies.
But currently, its not accepting new cookies and keep on wiping old cookies and creating new.
That file is around 1.5mb.

Version: (based on Firefox 95.0)