**Slimbrowser not allowing Cache to clear?

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**Slimbrowser not allowing Cache to clear?

Post by b1rd » Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:17 pm

Running WinXP Home- SP2/ IE8/ SB 4.12

I'm trying to figure out where this (new) problem lies.

Today, I uploaded an image to a free image hosting site, then direct-linked it to an on-line classified website (Craigslist). I decided to delete the image from the hosting site, which I did. When I went back to my "posting" the image was gone. When I hit the re-fresh button, it was back. This was after an hour or so. It will be gone at times, then it will back back again. Even after an extended period of time.

Initially, I thought this might be a delay with where I had the image hosted, so I gave it some time. I ran my cleaners to clear the temps, cache, etc. This includes the "Clean All Trace" option as well. I even manually cleaned things: Run> %temp%.

Now, I have Slimbrowser open; IE8 as well as Firefox all at the same time. IE8 and Firefox show the image as gone. Slimbrowser still shows the image present. This is after multiple re-freshes, cleanings etc...


Slimbrowser in use: (Note the times. This is the same image, which can be revised while it's still hosted. This is NOT two different images. Again, all cleaners were run, pages refreshed, etc... ) This taken from some tests I ran upon discovering this issue.



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