SlimBrowser V5.00 Detailed Change Log

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SlimBrowser V5.00 Detailed Change Log

Post by flashpeak » Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:17 pm

Build 142:
1. Significantly improved slimbrowser startup speed.
2. Added menu to share current page on facebook. Accessible via "tools:social networking:share this page on facebook".
3. Bug fix: the in-page shortcut menus would open the target page in the same tab if the option "Auto create new window when a url is entered" is turned off. Now they always open a new tab.

Build 139:
1. Bug fix: ctrl+f to find text in current page not working if the page is not in focus
2. Added "Deals Hunter" toolbar to help online shopping lovers finding the best deals on internet. Activate the toolbar from menu View:Toolbars:XML Toolbars:Deals Hunter.

Build 137:
1. Favorites folder will be created automatically if not exists.
2. Bug fix: crash sound at exit in some special cases.
3. Bug fix: crash due to wininet hooking code.
4. Added menu "Open selected text as URL" into in-page shortcuts menu.

Build 132:
1. Fixed browser drawing flickering issue on resize
2. Added option to remember last download save folder. Also keep a history of previously used download folders in the drop down box.
3. Add menu Window->Tile Selected windows
4. Bug fix: flash video not playing properly due to cache issue.
5. Bug fix: "view source" not working properly for web page not allowing cache.
6. Bug fix: Open In New Tab menu missing on windows XP if the link text is selected before right clicking.
7. Bug fix: javascript link stopping existing navigation action incorrectly.

Build 99:
1. Added option in tools:search to change default engine on quicksearch bar.
2. Bug fix: multi-line startup commands were not saved correctly
3. Added hotkey to hide browser.
4. Grouped additional context menu items under In-Page shortcuts
5. Added menu function File->Close tabs on the right.
6. Highlight downloaded file when opening folder from download manager.

Build 92:
1. Added support to bypass download manager by holding ctrl+alt key.
2. Bug fix: default download folder name not stored correctly if it begins with \r and \n.
3. Added option to close download manager automatically when they are no running jobs.
4. Disable download manager on free file hosting sites like rapidshare, megaupload, etc.
5. Bug fix: can't drag tabs if mouse buttons are swapped.
6. Language file updates.

Build 079:
1. Restore window positions correctly for dual-monitor setup.
2. Fixed favorite menu access issue in single column mode.
3. Fixed autologin bug with some special web pages.
4. Updated Russian, japanese and korean language files.

Build 065:
1. Added restore window button back to system bar.
2. Bug fix: display some special characters correctly with search suggestions in quicksearch box
3. Bug fix: about dialog can't be closed properly in some cases with mouse clicking.
4. Bug fix: in toolbar customization dialog, couldn't move a button all the way to bottom.
5. Merged Romanian full and Romanian lang file into one Romanian language file.
6. Support statusbar background bitmap and color in skin design.
7. Added option to change search button url.
8. Added option to change in-page context menu search engine.
9. Show date in correct format based on user locale setting.
10. Added online translation services to lang menu.
11. Added option to run downloaded file automatically at completion of download.
12. Added option to clear complete jobs in download manager at program exit.
13. Added block list back to popup blocker.
14. Added support for daily tip translation.

Build 057
1. Bug fix: search suggestions in quicksearch box for far-eastern language keywords.

Build 049
1. Separate unicode version and non-unicode version.
2. Unicode version now comes with a multi-language unicode installer.
3. Bug fix: some tabs become visible after closing a tab when there are too many tabs scrolling horizontally.

Build 039
1. Add in-page autocompletion based on search suggestions. The option can be easily configured in Tools:Options:Misc, "Enable autocompletion based on search suggestions".
2. Bug fix: weather display in Serbia and Montenegro.
3. Bug fix: detect eastern language file name in download manager.
4. Added support to view Ad blocker history. It is accessible from Tools:Ad Blocker: Ad Blocker History.
5. Added hotkey to go to parent folder when browsing local folder or ftp sites. You can use either backspace or alt+up arrow.
6. Added support to change the default search homepage accessible by clicking the search button on the standard toolbar. Just navigate to your favorite search engine first. Then drag the web page icon on the left end of the address bar onto the search button. You can change the regular homepage in this way too.

Build 028
1. Added dropdown button for the toolbar on the download manager if the window is too small to show the toolbar completely.
2. Added a toolbar button for quick bookmark. You can customize the toolbar button to add it.
3. Bug fix: open slimbrowser with an external link would lose the crash restoration information (autosave.sgp).
4. Automatically break favorites menu into multiple column if all the menu items can be fit into the screen. Otherwise, use scrollable single-column menu.
5. Added context menu for favorites explorer bar search results.
6. Bug fix: quick bookmark would use incorrect favorites folder if slimbrowser settings are chosen to be stored inside program folder in mobile edition.
7. Language file updates.

Build 011.

1. Auto-save download manager history so that it won't be lost in case of a crash.
2. Add option to limit download manager history to no more than 50 items by default.
3. Grouped [favorites, history, folders] and [download manager, scriptpad] into two separate explorer bars. By default, the first group is docked on the left side and the second group is docked on the bottom side. Also, each of these windows can have different sizes and the sizes will be separately memorized across browser sessions. By default, the download manager window is docked at the bottom with just enough height to show 4 lines so that it won't take much space from your web page. ScriptPad is set to have much more room by default so that you can view the source code comfortably inside it.
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