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Pre-Load the Frame

Post by oftentired » Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:35 am

This I think would be a good thing.

Each time I close SB with File:Exit or by clicking the X (close) there should be the user option under Advanced Options to have SB, reload Frame after shutdown. So browser shutdown would go like this:

close all open Tabs
remove all instances of Render completely from memory
performing any requested shutdown actions such as Clean Trace
completely shut down Frame
remove Frame completely from memory

AND THEN reload Frame to a minimized status, either in the taskbar or as a System Icon in taskbar.

This option would give SB the appearance of being an extremely fast browser because Frame will not have to load and the Frame that is loaded will be "fresh" in memory and not stale from extended use.

POSSIBLY you could add a fourth System Command to the three title bar system command icons so there would be the choices to include Minimize, Maximize, Close & Reload, and Close.

Like this, v ^ O X where the circle represents "chasing itself" or chasing its tail by close and reload.
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