[SOLVED] 3rd Party Application Window Frame Support

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[SOLVED] 3rd Party Application Window Frame Support

Post by alwithanx » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:08 pm

Hi from menu top left window functions (move, size, minimize, maximize) dosn´t suport third party "window fuctions addons" like (Ontop, transperancy, etc.). Is there a work around ???

BTW greate job ! & Thanks


Just figured it out !!!!!!! It was a skin issue !!!!

Disable skins in order to get the window context menu changes updated!!!!
Darn I had this problem for a while now !!!

[Edit Below]

disable skins by clicking View:Skins:Disable Skin
Hint: before disabling skin eyeball your current selection so you can remember what it was when you restore it
Suggestion: this may also work for OS changes affecting the SB Frame
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