Quickfill do not save form

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Quickfill do not save form

Post by tianum20 » Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:25 am

I have installed slimboat linux generique 32 bits, extract in /opt/slimboat, and
start with ./slimboat.sh
The forms do not save, by right click in any of the text boxes within the form and access "Save Active Form" from the popup menu, or
by the "Quick Fill->Save Active Form" menu.
When use "Quick Fill->Save All Forms" menu, there is dialog box with "No forms detected in the current page!"

Configuration information:
***OS Version Information***
-Version: (32 bit)
-Platform: Linux
SlimBoat Version: 1.1.54
Application Bit Width: 32
WebKit Version: 2.2.3
Qt Version:4.8.4
SlimBoat Interface Language:French (France)
Default OS Language:French

***Hardware configuration***

***Critical Path Information***
-Installation Folder: /opt/slimboat/
-Profile Path: /home/gerard/.local/share/data/FlashPeak/SlimBoat/slimboat.ini
-Application Data Folder: /home/gerard/.local/share/data/FlashPeak/SlimBoat/
-QuickSearch Folder: /home/gerard/.local/share/data/FlashPeak/SlimBoat/quicksearch
-Cache Folder: /home/gerard/.cache/FlashPeak/SlimBoat/

***Ad-Blocker Information***
-Popup Blocker:0
-Ad Blocker:0

***Download Options***
-Flash Download Control:0

***Search engine information***
-Default quick search engine:SlimBoat Search
-Address bar search engine:SlimBoat Search

***Misc Info***
-Number of assigned site names:0

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