Ad Block toggle switch

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Ad Block toggle switch

Post by Raa'Kaan » Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:57 pm

I recently figured out that Ad Block was what was causing yahoo mail not to function correctly in Slimbrowser.

Disable ad block and things pretty much work for me now.

So I wanted a quicker method to enable/disable ad block besides the menu driven toggle.

Reverse engineering a tip from oftentired on another thread I made a menu link file to do this that I thought I would share since there is no built in quick toggle.

1. make a text file in your links folder
2. paste this into file - &Tools:Ad Blocker:Enable Ad Blocker
3. save the file as "ad.mnit"

Enjoy quick ad block toggle in your links bar - it even has a pressed and not pressed button =)

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