slimjet cons features

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slimjet cons features

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con slimjet browser without slimboat features not added features slimboat in slimjet browser
Integrates with Facebook and Twitter.No
Ad Blocker No
Customizable Toolbars No
Download Manager No
Flexible Search No
Form Filler No
Mouse Gestures No
Password Manager No
Private Browsing No
Proxy Switcher No
Site Group No
Spell Checker No
Tabbed Browsing No
Video Downloader No
Web Page Translator No
Website Status Checker No
What Incognito doesn’t do Incognito does not make you invisible online: Sites and the services they use can see visits Employers or schools can track browsing activity Internet service providers can monitor web traffic cum aceste dezavantaje le rezolv si le includ in avantaje in modul incognito in acest cod Integrates with Facebook and Twitter. Ad Blocker: Block pop-ups, banners and other ads. Customizable Toolbars: Change the position of buttons and menus. Download Manager: Manage and speed-up file downloads. Flexible Search: Search from multiple search engines simultaneously. Form Filler: Automatically fill-in online forms. Mouse Gestures: Navigate with mouse movements. Password Manager: Automatically save and fill-in login information. Private Browsing: Prevent websites from tracking your activities. Proxy Switcher: Switch between multiple proxies for anonymous browsing. Site Group: Organize and manage websites into groups. Spell Checker: Automatically check and correct spelling mistakes. Tabbed Browsing: Open multiple webpages in a single window. Video Downloader: Download streaming videos from popular video sites. Web Page Translator: Translate webpages into different languages. Website Status Checker: Check the status of websites from multiple locations. Still based upon Chromium/Chrome,Can yield to bloat if clogged with too many plugins and apps from the webstore.Has some CSS issues on some websites.Built-in VPN.Stores your history/settings into google servers.It spies on you.Has problems loading emphasis on privacy.No built-in VPN.Built-in script blocker Not added in Simjet browser.Blocks trackers and third-party cookies by default.HTTPS Everywhere.Tor integration.Script blocking.Fingerprinting prevention.Memory management optimizations.Built-in Crypto Wallet.Open Source.Custom themes and skins.Slightly more complex interface.May consume more system resources,100% restricted mode,hidden mode,invisibility,anonymity,personal data protection,copyright compliance,blocking and deleting dangerous sites,unlicensed applications and programs and software,unofficial licenses,activators and generators,prevention of online piracy and downloadable in incognito mode,links,ads,toolbar,pages,unwanted extensions,pup,pua,ads,addons,ads,ingonito mode links,avoiding traffic monitoring, Bypassing and avoiding censorship, listening, visibility, spying, recording, ringing, video and audio surveillance,Prevention, blocking and bypassing,100x fastest instead of 12x fastest,block trackers,These problems and disadvantages must necessarily be included and solved urgently and all in advantages,Midori doesn't store any personal data:
Slimjet doesn't store any personal data:
No history or web cookies are being saved.
HTML5 storage, local database and application caches are disabled.
sLimjet prevents websites from tracking the user:
DNS prefetching is disabled.
No history or web cookies are being saved.
HTML5 storage, local database and application caches are disabled.not added in browser
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Re: slimjet cons features

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24x fastest instead of 12x fastest,No Tracking,Security focused,Ad-free,Compatible with chrome extensions

Configurable Brave shields

Cryptocurrency rewards

Cryptocurrency support

AdBlock Friendly


BAT Token integration

Accept Bitcoin as payment

Brave shield

Broken links check

Built-in Script Blocker

Built-in Torrent client

Google Chrome Extensions,Digital currency


Excel Add-in

Fingerprinting protection

HTTPS Support

Legacy Firefox Addon,Low-Ram Usage

Micropayments System

Multi-platform support

Support for Multiple Users

Night mode/Dark Theme

Passive Income


Privacy Protected

Reduce mobile data usage,Tracker blocker

User interface,Anonymity
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