Terrible font rendering in V15

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Terrible font rendering in V15

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Hi there,

After updating from V14 to V15 version of the browser I noticed that font rendering on all pages has become just terrible: It's blurry and unclear. I could replicate it on both my PCs (with different CPUs and GPUs) and had to downgrade to V14 because my eyes almost bled. Has anyone else noticed this change? Is there any solution to fix the rendering? I'm wondering if it has anything to do with Windows Scaling, but I'm not going to turn off the scaling just because of a browser.

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Re: Terrible font rendering in V15

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This is actually an known bug with how FireFox (and subsequently SlimBrowser) handles hardware rendering. This bug is especially noticeable on systems with NVidia GPUs installed, though it can appear with any brand of GPU. Go to the SlimBrowser settings, and in the General tab, scroll down to Performance. Uncheck "Use recommended performance settings". From there, uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available." Your issue should go away.

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