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IE Toolbar Plugin Compatibility

Toolbar Compatibility Listing

The following toolbars are almost fully compatible except that some minor features may not work,

  1. RoboForm Toolbar
  2. Google Toolbar
  3. MySearch SearchBar
  4. CNet SearchBar
  5. ReadPlease ReadingBar
  6. Norton Antivirus
  7. FlashGet Bar
  8. Dictionary.com
  9. Merriam-Webster
The following toolbars need dynamic destroy and creation when switching from site to site. They may significantly decrease the speed of SlimBrowser,
  1. Yahoo Companion
  2. Groowe
  3. Pictures

The following toolbars are proved totally uncompatible

  1. eBay Toolbar
  2. Alexa Toolbar
  3. Radio
  4. Linkman
  5. Copernic Agent toolbar

If you are an avid user of one incompatible toolbar and want to make it compatible with SlimBrowser, contact its vendor, ask them to read the following passage or ask them to contact us directly.

How to make your IE toolbar plugin compatible with SlimBrowser

This page is for IE toolbar vendors/developers who also wish to have your toolbars compatible with SlimBrowser.

The main difference between IE and SlimBrowser is that SlimBrowser is a MDI (Multiple-Document Interface) application while IE is a SDI (Single-Document Interface) application. The key point is to make your toolbar interact efficiently and correctly with SlimBrowser under a MDI environment.

To make your toolbar compatible with SlimBrowser, the following points should be noticed:

  1. Expect a new site interface pointer when the user switches from one site window to another.
    The site pointer is is passed by way of IObjectWithSite::SetSite(IUnknow *pSite). Be prepared to release your current site pointer and replace it with a new one. You should update your toolbar button status correctly based on the new site pointer. (As a point to note, Google toolbar doesn't update its page rank indicator correctly when the user switches to another site in SlimBrowser.) Only have the toolbar destroy itself when a NULL pointer is set, which indicates the browser is quitting. The common flaw of many IE toolbars is that it doesn't expect a second new site pointer or won't process it correctly. For such kind of toolbars, SlimBrowser have to recreate the entire toolbar when the user switches between site windows. That'll cause bad drawing glitches which is a great distaste to users.
  2. Open new site windows by javascript instead of running another instance of IE
    If you want to display some page in a new site window, create the new window by javascript, for example, "window.open(sUrl)". SlimBrowser will automatically capture the new window request and open it in a new child site window. Don't run another instance of IE to open the page. For example, Google toolbar insists on opening search results in new IE window, making it not 100 compatible with SlimBrowser.
  3. Avoid using methods and objects supported by Internet Explorer object but not supported by standard Web Browser control
    For example, ShowBrowserBar is not supported by Web Browser Control. If you call this method, it will simply be ignored.


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