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RSS News Feed List

The following links are either direct RSS feed url or a link to a web page containing a RSS feed list. The latter will be marked as "list". Those that are direct RSS feed url have been rewritten with the protocol prefix "rss://" so that you can directly click it to read the news or add the link to favorites. However, we are not able to modify the protocol prefix for the feed list page that we link to. For these pages, you need perform the following steps manually: right click on a RSS feed url in the list page, select "copy shortcut" from the context menu, paste the address into address bar, change the protocol from "http://" to "rss://", then press Enter to read the news.

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Personal Blog

The above list is just a brief list to help you evaluate the rss rendering engine built-in with SlimBrowser. You are advised to get the original RSS feeds from your favorite news site. For a more complete and exhaustive list of RSS feeds, you can visit http://www.syndic8.com

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