AutoLogin enables you to log into a website with just one click. It does so by automatically filling and submitting web forms with pre-defined login information. All the functions related with this feature are under "AutoLogin" menu of the main menu.

Automatic Extraction of Autologin Information

Please observe the following procedure:

  • Connect to the website for which you want to setup autologin

  • Fill all the necessary information including user name and password in the login form. 

  • Make sure the caret stays in the login form. Select Autologin-> Add Autologin From Page from the menu.

  • Review the information extracted in the autologin organizer. Modify the URL and caption if necessary. You can change the URL to the original address that you typed in the address bar. 

  • Click <Save> button to save the new entry into the autologin folder. You can create subfolders in the autologin folder to organize your autologin entries into several categories. After that,  Close the autologin organizer dialog. The new entry will be available from the autologin menu.  

<AutoLogin> Menu

  • Add AutoLogin From Current Page
    Extract autologin information automatically from the current web page. 

  • Organize AutoLogin Entries...
    Sort autologin entries in the favorites left pane. 

  • Open Autologin in Separate Session
    When this option is on, SlimBrowser will always open the autologin file in a separate session. This is useful if you want to login with multiple accounts into the same website.

  • Enable Password Protection...
    Protect the access to all your autologin entries with your master password. When this option is enabled, you will be prompted to enter your master password when you attempt to access autologin entries for the first time after you start SlimBrowser. It will be prompted for only once in a single session unless you select "Clear Cached Password" to require re-authentication.

  • Clear Cached Password
    Clear cached password so that you will be prompted for the master password again when you want to access the autologin entries in this session.

  • Edit AutoLogin File
    Edit the content of an autologin file manually (advanced users only).
  • [All the available autologin entries]
    Choose any one of the available autologin entries and you will be automatically logged into the specified website with predefined login information. For example, your Yahoo email account.

AutoLogin Editor

  • Caption
    Title of the autologin that will be shown in the autologin menu.

  • URL
    Address of the target website for automatic connection.

  • Form Name
    The name of the form containing all the login fields.

  • Login Data
    The names and values of the form fields to be automatically filled in. It should be in the form of "http GET" query parameters. The syntax is like "field1=value1&field2=value2&field3=value3...". The passwords will be displayed as encrypted if there are any.

  • Additional Delay in seconds
    Define addition delay specified in the number of seconds before SlimBrowser will attempt to auto-fill the login form after the page is completely loaded. This delay might be needed to allow the execution of some initializing javascript in the page.

  • Do not submit form
    Some login forms contain symbols embedded inside pictures which requires human reading. You can enable this option for such login forms so that you can fill in those symbols manually before submitting the login form.

  • Extract Autologin Information From Current Page
    Populate the autologin information fields by automatic extraction from the current web page. 

  • Save 
    Save the autologin information into an autologin file (.atlg)


You can access an autologin entry by the following built-in command:

autologin AutologinFilePath

The autologin file path can be absolute or relative to the autologin folder. You can directly type this command in the address bar or specify it as a site address in the group organizer.



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