Execute Scripts

This feature enables the user to execute java script or VB script in the context of the current web site. It gives the user extra flexibility to control the web page style or extract desired information from a page. Menu items related with this feature are located at "Tools->Execute Scripts" of the main menu.

  • Custom Scripts...
    Select this menu item and you will see a dialog. In that dialog, you can enter a piece of java script or vbscript. Make sure you choose the right script language and press <Execute> button to execute the script in the active site. A better way to run custom scripts in the current site is to do that in the script pad.
  • Stored Scripts
    The rest of the menu items correspond to all the stored scripts. Stored scripts should be placed under the "scripts" sub-folder of SlimBrowser data folder. The script files should have extensions of .js (javascript files) or .vbs (vbscript files).



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