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Please DO NOT modify the options listed on this page unless you are relatively savvy with computers and you understand what you are doing.

Suppress Script Errors

This option will disable the script error message dialogs. It will also disable script debugging. This option is recommended for most people who are not interested in script debugging.

Show Script Error Icon on status bar

Turn on this option to show an icon on the status bar when there is a script error on the current page. You can double click the icon to view the detailed script error message.

View Source In Script Pad

View source code of web pages in built-in script pad instead of notepad

Preload Rendering Process

When this option is on, SlimBrowser will preload an idle instance of the rendering process so that it will take less time to open a new tab later on.

Use lower process priority for background tabs

When this option is on, SlimBrowser will assign a "LOW" priority to the processes associated with the background tabs. This might help increase the responsiveness of the foreground tabs when your computer experiences high overall CPU usage. 

Process Model

1. One process per session

SlimBrowser will use only one rendering process to host all the tabs associated with the same session. If you experience inconsistent login status issues across different tabs when using one process per tab, you could switch to this mode as a workaround.

SlimBrowser will always use one process per session in IE7 due to some internal technical constraints.

2. One process per tab

SlimBrowser will use one rendering process to host each new tab.

Save Debug Log

Enable SlimBrowser to save debug log into the file SlimBrowser.log under SlimBrowser application data folder.



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