Options : Download Ctrl

The following download control options apply to all sites. Sites opened after the setting is changed will always reflect the new setting. Sites opened before the setting is changed may or may not reflect the new setting. These settings also apply to IE or any other browsers based on IE rendering engine.

  • Show Pictures
  • Play Videos
  • Play Sounds
  • Execute Scripts
  • Execute Java Applet
  • Enable ActiveX Control
  • Enable Flash Animation
    You need have administrator's privilege to change this option. When this option is off, all Flash ActiveX animation will be disabled. Please notice that when you turn this option back on, site windows that are already open will not reflect the new setting, i.e., they will still have Flash disabled. When you turn off this option, sites that are already open may popup a message dialog complaining "ActiveX is not enabled....". Just ignore it. You won't see such messages for sites that are opened after the option is turned off. 



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