Options: Download Manager

  • Use Built-in Download Manager
    When this option is enabled, SlimBrowser will use the built-in multi-threaded download manager to download files. Otherwise, SlimBrowser will use the default download dialog coming with Internet Explorer or any other externally installed download manager software.

  • Display Notification when download is complete
    Display notification when a download is complete or fails.

  • Show Download Manager when starting to download file
    Automatically open the download manager window when the user initiates a file download.

  • Clear Complete Jobs At Program Exit
    Automatically clear completed downloads when SlimBrowser exits.

  • Show Log in Download Manager
    Show detailed download log in the download manager window

  • Close Download Manager if there are no running jobs
    Close the download manager window when a download job is finished and there are no running jobs left.

  • Remember save folder of last download
    Use the save folder of the last downloaded file as default when you download the next file.

  • Save Folder
    Set the default save folder for new download jobs.

  • Max Number of threads
    The maximum of parallel threads that will be created to download a single file. The actual number of threads will be automatically managed depending on the download file size.

  • Max Download History Length
    Set the maximum number of items kept in the download manager. If the maximum number is exceeded, old files will not be displayed in the download manager.

  • Skip download manager for these file types
    Define a list of file extensions. For these file types, SlimBrowser will use the default IE downloader to download. This option is provided so that you have chance to open some documents as embedded documents directly inside the browser window.



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