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Break Favorites Menu

Break favorites menu into multiple columns. If it is set to Automatic, the favorites menu will be broken into multiple columns based on your screen size. However, if you have too many favorite items in a single level so that it's impossible to show all of them on the screen, SlimBrowser will automatically switch back to single-column mode where you can access all the items by scrolling. If it is set to break at fixed position, the favorites menu will always be broken into multiple columns at multiples of the specified number. In multi-column mode, the items shown off the screen won't be accessible at all. If this happens, you can either switch to single-column mode or reduce the number of favorite items in a single level by organizing them into more subfolders.

Show "Open All Favorites" In Favorites Menu 

Show an additional menu item with the title of "Open All Favorites" in each level of the favorites menu. Click the "Open All Favorites" menu item will open all the pages in the corresponding favorites folder.  

Show Favorites Menu Icons

Turning on this option will retrieve and display the site favorite icons in the favorites menu. It will increase the delay before the favorites menu is shown. 



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