Options: Photo Processing

Automatically shrink uploaded photo files

When this option is turned on, SlimBrowser will automatically shrink large photo files to a preset resolution (number of pixels) before they are uploaded to dramatically cut down uploading time. Currently only JPEG files are processed by SlimBrowser since it's the most popular photo file format. The shrunken photo files are stored inside a temporary folder while the original high-resolution photo files are not impacted. In the file upload box inside the web page, you will see the path of the shrunk file instead of the original photo file path.  You will be prompted to enable the auto-shrink feature on a per-domain basis when you upload photos to this domain for the first time. After the initial confirmation, everything is fully transparent to the user.

Default Maximum Pixels (K)

This field sets the default value of the maximum pixel limit for auto-shrinking purpose. Whenever SlimBrowser prompts you to enable the auto-shrink feature on a new domain, this default value will be proposed.

Domains to apply automatic photo shrinking

This group of fields let you manage the list of domains on which automatic photo shrinking is enabled. You can set the resolution limit on a per-domain basis. If you want to disable automatic photo shrinking on a particular domain, just remove it from the list. If you don't set any specific resolution limit on a domain, it will be used the default resolution limit defined above.





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