Options: Privacy

Clean the following selected items at exit

When this option is on, the items selected in this option page will be automatically cleaned when you exit SlimBrowser.

Clean selected items

  • Address Bar History
  • Quick-Search History
  • Browser History
  • Cookies
  • Cached Files
  • Icon cache

Auto-lock the browser

When this option is on, the browser is automatically locked after a specified length of idle time (no mouse or keyboard inputs on the host PC). The idle time is specified in terms of minutes. After the browser is locked, all the open sites are hidden. You need type the master password to unlock the browser. All the open sites will be restored from the hidden state upon unlocking.

Set Master Password

Set the master password. The master password can be used to protect autologin entries and lock the browser after long idle time.

Hotkey to hide browser (Boss Key)

Set the hotkey to quickly hide SlimBrowser. You can also select File->Hide Browser to hide the browser.

Hotkey to restore browser from hidden state

Set the hotkey to restore SlimBrowser from the hidden state.



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