Double Click To Close Site Tab

When this option is turned on, you can double click a site tab to close the corresponding web site. 

Tab Label

  • Maximum width in pixels
    The maximum width of tab labels in pixels.

  • Maximum number of words
    The maximum number of words to be shown in the tab label. The rest words will be automatically clipped

  • Show assigned site name for matched URL
    The assigned site name is shown as tab label if the web site address is matched to a pre-assigned site name.

  • Use automatic brief label
    Automatically generate a brief label from the long title. What we do now is to remove everything after " - ". For example, for the title "Yahoo! Mail - Best web-based email", we automatically pick "Yahoo! Mail" as the brief label. We also remove everything after " : " to make the label brief.

Show close button on each tab

Show a close button (x) on the right end of each tab. You can click this button to close the tabs.

Show new tab button

Show the "+" button on the right side of the tab bar. Clicking this button will create a new tab.



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