Assigned Site Name

By default, SlimBrowser shows the title of a website on the tab (i.e, the text enclosed in the <title></title> tag pair). Many of the website titles may be too long and not illustrative enough for easy identification. To solve this problem, SlimBrowser adds support for assigned site name. That is, you can assign or designate a name to a website, a web folder or a particular web page. The mapping is established between a name and a URL. Any website whose address contains the URL as a part will be mapped to the name.

Some mapping examples are shown below,

Name URL
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Map

Based on the above example, all URL's containing "" will have the name "Yahoo Mail". All URL's containing "" will have the name "Yahoo Map". All the URL's containing "" but not containing "" and "" will have the same "Yahoo". SlimBrowser will automatically choose the closest match when there are two or more matches found.

Manage Assigned Site Names

You can manage the assigned site names by selecting menu "Tools->Assigned Site Names...". You can also right click on a tab and select "Assigned Site Names...".

Notice: You can enable/disable the usage of assigned site names with the option "Tools->options->tab->Use assigned site names".



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